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Emergency Loan Givers In Nigeria

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Where can I get quick cash in Nigeria?Lenders who give loans fast in Nigeria. How can I find emergency loans within hours in Abuja and Lagos Nigeria.Nigerians ask.

There many instances that one might be forced to look for quick loans in Naira land.Emergencies may include hospital bills,school fees,travelling fees or even rent among others.The question is who can give these fast cash loans immediately in Nigeria?

As Loans Nigeria,we are making it simple today by providing the best lending companies in Nigeria that will sort guys out during emergencies, commercial banks excluded.

Aella Credit 
Aella Credit the most active direct micro lender in Nigeria.The lender provide quick loans to the employed individuals in the country.

Borrowers sign up on the Aella Credit website ( after which one can borrow.Borrower apply for any amount between NGN100000 and NGN1000000 and choose a repayment period of between 1 month to 12 months.

Approved loans will be deposited directly into the borrowers salary accounts. On due date the loan amount plus the interest accrued is deducted directly from the borrowers salary accounts.

Call Aella Credit for more on 0700acredit (07002273348)

Zedvance is a fast consumer credit provider that provide personal loans to employees in Nigeria.

To apply,a borrower must visit Zedvance Limited offices in Lagos or check the website amounts range between NGN50000 to NGN1000000. Approved borrowers get the cash from Zedvance agents.

Repayment duration for loans range between 1month to 12months.Repayment can be done through cheques or direct debit to Zedvance Limited.

Call Zedvance to get started on 07001001000

C24 is a quick retail consumer loan giver with countrywide agents in Nigeria.

To apply for a loan,one must sign up on the C24 website ( after which one will be able to ask for a loan.

Borrowers specify the loan amount and the duration for loan repayment.Approved borrowers will get the cash disbursed into their salary accounts within 24hours.

Repayment will be done by debiting the salaries account for the borrower.

Call C24 on 0700027334824

Salary Advance Nigeria (S.A.NG)
Salary Advance Nigeria is part of the Addosser Microfinace Bank in Nigeria. S.A.NG provides quick cash 5o employees of various companies in Nigeria.

To get started,a borrower should visit and fill in the online application form.Loan amounts and repayment duration is chosen by the applicants themselves.

Approved loans will be sent to the borrowers current bank account within 24hrs from which repayment amount will be deducted from when the loan will be due.

Call S.A.NG on 08139462584 or 08104148324 (for Lagos Island) and 08167970380 or 08054311258(Ikeja)

Fast Credit Limited (FCL)
Fast Credit Limited is a financial institution licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to give banking and lending services to Nigerians.FCL provides asset finance, business loans treasury investment and consumer credit the newest credit product.

To get the consumer loans from FCL,start by calling +234-01-2917931 to get started.Loans are available to salary earners,civil servants and uniform personnel.Loan amounts range from N18000 to N1500000.

Assured Income Credit Fund
This financial services provider targets only the full time employed individuals in Nigeria.Borrowers must have a salary bank account with a debit card preferably. One must also have a direct mobile phone number.

Loan applicants can do so through an AICF agent,or website (www.assured income credit on desktop or mobile phone.The applicant specifies the amount borrowed(any amount) and the repayment duration(between 5 to 30 days).

Approved borrowers will get their bank accounts credit with the amount of loan borrowed.On due date,a one time deduction equivalent to the loan amount plus the interest accrued will be made on the borrowers salary accounts or debit cards.

Creditville Limited
Creditville Limited is a private lending institution registered in Nigeria that facilitates quick loans to employed individuals and SMEs.

Borrowers apply online at or by visiting any of the branches in Lagos mainland or island, Abuja or Port Harcourt.Loan applicant specifies the loan amount borrowed (minimum NGN250000) and the repayment duration while filling in the application form.

Approved loan applicants will get the money disbursed in to their bank accounts within less than 72hrs.Loan repayment will be facilitated by the employer or bank.

Snap Credit
Snap Credit is a quick direct lender registered in Nigeria based in Lagos.The micro lender targets employees working in Nigerian companies and the government.

Borrowers create an online account on the Snap Credit website ( after which one can apply for loans.

Loan applicants specifies the amount borrowed and the time duration for repayment.Approved loans will be disbursed into the applicants salary accounts.

The employer deducts the loan amount from the employees salaries monthly to repay the loan when its due.

Purpose Built Services (PBS)
Purpose Built Services (PBS) is a non governmental lending institution providing quick loans in Nigeria with a bias to women.

PBS Loans include; business loans,emergency loans,Fast cash loans,employee loans,personal unsecured loans,asset finance and LPO financing among others.

To get started with PBS loan application ,call 0703 598 8249 or  +234 (1) 454 7266


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