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How To Repay Branch Loan In Nigeria

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Ways to repay Branch loan In Nigeria
How can I repay Branch International loan in Nigeria? Can I use my ATM card to repay?I have Naira in cash, where can I pay cash to clear Branch loan?

Check Branch loan app In Nigeria

There are six(6) ways you can repay a Branch loan in Nigeria.Its always important to remember the details you used while creating your Branch account.Important details include your mobile phone number and your bank account number .

Some of the ways incur some extra charges while others don't. Some are restricted to a segment of people while others are for everyone. The first three ways don't attract extra fees while the last three ways do. Always use the method which feels convenient for you.You can choose to settle the loan in full, in bits or in any other amount you wish.

Important Points to note

  1. Contact Branch Customer Care within the app if your payment did not reflect after 24hours.
  2. 'Reference' or 'Remarks' means your legal name and bank account used to register your Branch account 
  3. It's highly recommended you make repayment from your account but if you do with another or a friend's account ,kindly ensure ; (a)the other account or friend does not belong to a branch account with an active loan . (b)you include your legal name and bank account number you registered with on branch in the transfer details. (c) you immediately send a message to Branch within the customer care feature in the app.

1. Pay With Bank Account in The App

  • Open Branch app
  • Select 'My loans'
  • Click on 'Tap to Pay' button 
  • Select or input the amount and continue 
  • Account Type 
  • Select 'Bank Account '
  • Choose your bank 
  • Enter bank account number and continue 
Most Nigerian banks will send some verification codes to make payment secure.Just verify and that's it.
Reopen the app after some minutes to see if the loan is cleared.
No fees are charged for this method of branch loan repayment.

2. Pay Automatically With ATM Card in App

If you have a bank ATM card, you can allow Branch to make automatic deductions from within the app to repay your due branch loans.
  • Open the app 
  • Select 'My loans'
  • Tap the Pay button 
  • Select or input the amount to repay and continue 
  • Add your card details and continue 
  • Choose auto debit on Payment Options and continue 
For security purposes most banks ask for PIN or you verify through code sent to your phone.Just verify and you're good to go. 
Note that; not all ATM cards are set for auto debit.Ensure yours is set to avoid inconveniences in future .
Branch will deduct your card whenever the next loan is due. 

3. Pay With ATM Card Online 

You can still pay Branch loan as if you're paying for goods online using your ATM card on 'MyPaga'.You'll have to access the Branch Payment Gateway and do the following;
  • Enter the loan amount you wish to pay .For the 'Payment Notes ' space , input the bank account you registered with on branch 
  • Select Pay by Card
  • Enter your name ,mobile phone number and email address 
  • Select Complete Payment with Card
  • Enter your card details 
This repayment method can take up to 24hours to reflect on your branch app.

4. Pay With Mobile Banking Apps

If your bank has a mobile banking app, you can still repay Branch within your banking app.However ,for now only customers with Access Bank,Zenith, FCMB,Fidelity and Diamond Bank can use this repayment method .Customers with Union Bank, UBA and other banks can't use this repayment method for now.

With your Banking app,
  •  Login your banking app
  •  Select Transfer funds
  • Select to other bank or outside and choose PAGA
  • Enter account number: 1945481448
  • Enter amount ( this should be the loan amount due)
  • Enter Remarks (This should be the bank account number you're  registered branch with)
  • Enter your PIN and continue 
If the process gets approved ,check your branch app after 24hours to see if the loan is paid.
This method attract some extra bank fees.

5. Pay via GTB USSD

You can repay a branch loan via a Guarantly Trust Bank USSD code on your mobile phone. This method attract a bank fee.

  • Dial *737*50*Amount*145# to trigger the payment 
  • Enter Account ID 1945481448
  • Then confirm the name as Branch International and enter your 737 PIN or the last 4 digits of your GTB debit card and send
  • Check the email received and send to branch the reference number within the in-app chat or through email to
Close and reopen the app after 24hours to see if the payment will reflect. 

6. Pay Cash With NIBSS E-Bills Pay

This is the method where you can use Naira in cash to repay Branch loan by visiting any bank except GTB.This method attract some fee.
  • Go to any bank in Nigeria and pay the Branch loan in cash inform of E-Bills Pay.
  • Pay the E-Bills Pay to account name Branch Inc
  • Give the right details to the teller especially the phone number you registered with on branch. 
  • Ask for a payment receipt 
After 24hours, check your branch app to see if it's updated.If it's not okay, kindly contact Branch using this branch repayment form here


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